Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lent for Liam

Liam is 13 years old. He has ADHD, suffers from extreme anxiety, panic attacks and is on medication for depression, concentration an anti-psychotic as he has bouts of hallucinations. He has also also been diagnosed with a learning disorder.
Liam is currently in a main stream environment where he is not coping and requires remedial assistance on a weekly basis, there is a professional who acts as Liam’s “scribe” since he cannot articulate the information he knows into writing. He meets with an education psychologist weekly and he attends a psychiatric hospital monthy to oversee his medication.

Liam goes to High School next year, there is no way he will cope emotionally, academically or socially. Remedial care has been suggested by more than one professional who has assessed Liam.

Liam needs help. His mom, Chrystel, needs help. She is a single mom with 2 other children. While she does have support in a wonderful partner and an awesome friendship circle, she needs financial assisitance.

One of her friends, Meriel came up with an idea. Her plan is to get Liam through school R100 at a time. Times are tough for us all but finding R100 is as simple as giving up something small each month. And for this reason the project has been name Lent for Liam.
This project has been running for over a month now. Enough has been raised to register Liam next year at a school geared towards helping him.

The aim now is to ensure that there is enough money monthly to keep Liam in this school until Matric.
How is this to be done:

Project Thanksgiving
Chrystel hosts a Thanksgiving dinner every year. 10 hostesses are needed to do the traditional Thanksgiving parties.
The hostess will plan whatever party you like. Guests will be asked to bring R10 with their thanksgiving wish. 10 friends x R10 = R100
We are looking for 10 brave hostesses to take up this challenge – we will have another R1 000.
Project Mistletoe
If you get an end of year bonus – donate R100.
If 10 carol-singers to do this – we will have another R1 000 in the fund.
If you have a blog – please tell your readers about this.
If 10 bloggers to do this and get one person from each to donate R100 a month that’s another R1000

You also simple donate R100 a month.
An account has been set up by an accountant. She will administer the account to make sure the money is used for Liams care.
The banking details are below
LJ Cadger
Standard Bank
Branch: Norwood
Account Number: 006 867 480
You can use your name /e-mail address as a reference.
If you would like more information regarding this Project you can mail me at
If you have a worthwhile cause you feel we can support then please drop me a mail as well!

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