Friday, July 10, 2009

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

My girls LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel and lately they've been watching it each morning while we get dressed for school and work. Meeshka Mooshka Mickey Mouse!

We love to dance around to this song and KK sings : "Meekie House Clubhouse...hawt dawg hawt dawg hawt diggirrie dawg". Man, its soo kewt. I might take a video of her singing it over the weekend (if she's not feeling camera shy) and post it.

Can you picture three girls dancing around in their underwear dancing and singing along to this song??? (okay, that you WON'T get a video of).

Everytime we do this, the following question always pops into my mind : "Why does Goofy (I assume he is a dog) gets to walk on his hind legs, talk and wear a cool hat when Pluto walks on all fours and can only bark? Ever pondered this one?"

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